Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Go, Speed Racer!

Lately I have been pondering a sense of urgency that I have been experiencing in the front and back of my mind. I have a full time job, a secondary job, family obligations, and still I feel like I am not moving fast enough when it comes to my writing. Mostly this happens because I am eager to have my digital shelf stocked with tales I have written and deemed publishable, but right now I am stuck mentally because the act of writing a book is not easy, and it definitely is not fast when it's not a full time job.

So, what am I doing?

Mostly my solution for now is to put aside a few of the massive novel ideas and practice some shorter pieces, or alternative pieces. One of these is a hopefully fun book that will appeal to readers looking for a change and a bit of nostalgia. Basically, I am trying to jump start my creativity when I don't have a ton of time for it, and so far it seems to be working. It definitely has kept my brain thinking when I'm not in front of the keyboard, so that's something, right?


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Positivity Is A Choice

Now that the rush of the holidays is over (and far behind me) and I have successfully began the new year - the gloriously freezing 2014! - I have come to a realization. There is an awful lot of negativity floating around in various areas, especially when it comes to writing and independently publishing. Reading too much about how impossible the odds are that anyone will want to read your work is always a disheartening activity, and I found myself getting down as I watched numbers and felt crushed under the weight of producing another manuscript. (Keep in mind that most of us are doing this on our free time, and the constant advice to produce! produce! produce! is not always realistic or helpful.) What am I to do when all the signs say that writing and publishing is a meaningless task?

I say remain positive. If you believe in yourself and your writing, the readers will follow. Mine have been a slow trickle, but I only have one full-length novel out, and I am generally getting more eyes on my how-to book than my fiction. Perhaps as I strive to change up genres a bit I will attract more eyes on other things. Positivity is not something that just comes naturally. It is something that we must work at and practice, even when the odds seem to be against us. Besides, even if it doesn't seem to help right away, it is something that we can control, and it will hopefully give us the courage to continue sitting at that chair and pounding away at our keyboards! Who's with me?

(Cue crickets)