Friday, July 5, 2013

First Nerd Post About Titanic

Okay, so this is the first and certainly not the last time you will hear me talk about the Titanic (the ship, not the movie...though I may geek out on my favorite film sometime in the future!), but today was an exciting day because I caught a new blog post from the team at Four Funnels Entertainment in regards to the development of their massive new game, Titanic: Honor and Glory.

The project is still in the development stage (two of many) but their updates always excite the Titaniac inside me. I've been one since I was in first grade, thanks to a friend now long lost to time, Samuel Whitaker, who mentioned the great tragedy to me while we perused an encyclopedia for some information. Anyway - tangent over. But, this project is definitely worth following if you aren't already doing so. The renders that the team have posted so far are stunning! They even have an early walkthrough of specific areas of the liner on Youtube. Please check them out!

They recently had an Indie-GoGo campaign that was a great success (with all of us donators sitting at the monitor biting our nails). The wait may be long, but I am confident that it will be worth it when the game is finally completed. Four Funnels's motto of historical accuracy is really what gets my mind buzzing with the thirst for knowledge on my favorite ocean liner.

Woot! Now to go and read some of my Titanic books...