Saturday, April 5, 2014

Give It Everything You've Got!

I've just reached another milestone in my writing journey and finished a new genre book, which I've been meaning to do for a long time: horror. It's a genre I love so much and at last I have my first horror book out there. It's also a humor book since it takes after the classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" series.

Don't be fooled by the simplistic idea of a "game" book. It stretched my creative muscles more than my first novel effort. This led me to the realization that writing is a tiresome task when you finish. Mentally it is the equivalent of running a marathon. I was exhausted when I finished uploading my Kindle file to the website, and I hadn't physically done anything other than type!

If I am going to continue to write, I believe this is a sign that the task is important to me. I will be drained by the end of it, but that also means I have given the story everything I have. That's what counts to me. Hopefully that means it's a fun and engaging read for the audience.

Now, to recharge and start something new!

The Zombie Apocalypse is available now if you are interested in fleeing the undead!