Thursday, August 7, 2014

The LEGOs Are Coming!

This post is music to my ears, and I gasped out loud when I read it.

Warner Bros. Pictures has announced that not only are they doing a sequel to the fantastic The Lego Movie, but they are reserving two other dates for two more Lego-themed films!

I love Legos. I have more than any person should, and I even have the sets that I built as a child back in 2001 for the original Lego Harry Potter line - admittedly, they are all mixed up, but I'm in the long process of finding all the pieces. I've got through "The Final Challenge", which was the first ever set that I built for Harry Potter, and I'm working on "Snape's Class". Yes, I am a nerd.

Lego is a brand that I have always loved. I was so pleased that their first movie was a fun and fast-paced animated feature that paid homage to a ton of their past themes and reinforced parents bonding with their kids. That's a message that I think is at the heart of Lego as a brand, and I support them fully in their film projects in the future.

Now, to find those new Star Wars sets at my local Target...

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