Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catch Those Puppies!

You just can’t be mad at those puppies!

They just want to play, and so do you!  And yet, you wish you could make them understand English - that you could tell them simply that you must get to work on your book (if what you’re doing even ends up resembling a book at all!).  You don’t have time to play.

But then they look up at you with those big eyes, so filled with expression, that you can’t help but break down and humor them.

They jump around, trying frantically to lick your hand to death, even as you try to get away for fear that they will overcome you with their drive to play and leave scratch marks on your arms and maybe - if they enjoy jumping at that particular moment - your chest and shoulders.

They can’t help it. They’re just so excited to see you, to know that you’re home for the afternoon and just present!

That is the best kind of welcome, and something that our puppies seem to be the best at putting forward just when you need it the most.

They may not know how to read, but they’re positive that whatever you’re pounding into that keyboard, it’s definitely a masterpiece!