Saturday, June 29, 2013

Book Series Titles

In this indie book publishing era, I've noticed an irksome trend that all writers add long-winded series names to their books. They seem just tacked on there, hanging like a mouthful of junk. I know it's important to have your readers know that the book they're looking at is number three of whichever cycle you're writing, but, can't you just differentiate between sequels with numbers? Why take up cover real estate with a paragraph stating A Single Mother's Lonely Ranchers of the Prairie Book.

What? That wordy title means nothing to me as a browser! You could just stick with the plain old title. In a real book store, I would flip to the first few pages and read the list of books in the series. It's just so overdone. Everyone is trying to build readerships through long series. But, do they really need these titles? 

I am thinking I will keep my own titles short and simple once my first book is done. If there is a sequel, it will be simply Book Two. It will just state that it's a sequel to the first book, like Harry Potter did. Now to think of a really simple title...