Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mom - Turtle Rescuer!

This one isn't really an update on my previous turtle crossing signs post, (haven't heard anything about that, so I'm assuming it's not a possibility) but, I did hear from my mother that, after reading my post about the turtle incident and its effect on the environment, she got the chance to rescue one of the little guys!

The other day she was driving by the lake when she spotted a turtle in the middle of the road, crossing from the lake to the mainland. Immediately she pulled over and helped him - or her - get to the safety of the wooded area on the other side. I was so proud! Hopefully more people will be cautious and look out for all types of nature when they are on their morning and nightly commutes.

That is the one thing that really makes me excited: preserving the environment doesn't start with a huge corporation, or even the government - it starts with us, as individuals, being conscientious and doing what we can. If enough people start with themselves, pretty soon we will be a large force when combined! That is encouraging.